Robert J. LaFortune Studio

Robert J. LaFortune StudioThe Robert J. LaFortune Studio functions as a rehearsal or performance room and meeting or reception area. This drapery-lined 49' x 50' space offers flexible seating, is easily transformed into an attractive party space and can augment events held in the Westby Pavilion next door. The Studio is a frequent choice for lectures seating up to 150. Cast parties, master classes and dance band set-ups also work well here, as do seminars and training sessions. It is perfect for catered functions that are intimate in size, yet can accommodate a sit-down dinner for 100. It is connected to the Westby Pavilion by a closed-off catering area.

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For information about rental rates and fees, please call Terri McGilbra at (918) 596-7124, or e-mail